Hair Extensions in Beverly Hills CA

Frustrated with hair that is not lush enough or is too short? Planning to get a different look that is not is permanent? Then the temporary hair extensions are the way to go! Having them would not just enrich you with longer and thicker hair but also it will provide you with a lovely distinctive look from your everyday appearance. There are so many unique methods and types of extension, that makes finding the right extensions for you can be hard and confusing. This is where the experts at Bomane in Beverly Hills come in and help you.

Which one is the perfect fit for you?

Choosing the one that is an ideal match for you is depends on the look, color and length of time that you’re aiming for. There are various types of hair extensions such as:

  • Clip-On: For a look that does not require professional care and is low-maintenance, clip-on will hit the mark. Since these hair extensions aren’t attached to the scalp of the hair, they don’t even need to be washed that often. So just put them on and go on about your day. (For more info you can refer to our clip-on extensions page)
  • Tape extensions: For a semi-permanent approach, tape extensions are the ones to go for. They give a natural, seamless, straight look and will last for a good eight to six weeks so there’s no downside of you having to constantly worry about them falling off or re-application. They are an inch wide and are placed like a sandwich. How it works is your own hair is taped between two strips of hair extensions, which requires preciseness of what amount of hair goes between the strip and how straight the section should be therefore being almost impossible to do accurately all by yourself. So having a helping hand of a professional to take care of you wouldn’t be so bad.
  • Micro Loop hair extensions: If you’ve been looking out for a long term solution to extend your hair, then loop hair extensions are the way to go. Made from authentic and real human hair, they have the highest quality and versatile enough to fit curly or straight hair. They need the utmost care and accuracy and when done right, hands off to the most natural looking job well done.
  • Pre-bonded/fusion hair: Pre-bonded hair extensions can last 4-6 months with good aftercare which means that maintenance cost is almost null which is perfect for those who are on a budget. These are fitted using a heat gun, which melts the keratin bond to a part of the client’s hair. Once it melts, the keratin is rolled between the aesthetician’s fingers to fuse together and cooled down to form a small bond. Seems complicated right? Well because it is, so this is no time to go all DIY.

Now that you know the different varieties of them and have decided on the most suitable hair extension for you, perhaps it’s time to take the plunge.

Hair extensions

Why Bomane?

Our hair specialists and professionals in Beverly Hills at Bomane know the ins and outs of the latest style and always provide you with the best hair extensions that will give you the best look you’ve always longed for. Not just that, we ensure that they are of the highest quality and available in a wide range of colors, styles, and textures to achieve the most natural looking and gorgeous finish. It’s time to make that switch and get any look and length you want for your hair with Bomane.

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