Transform Your Look with an Updo

An updo in Beverly Hills, CA is a flexible hairstyle that involves arranging the hair instead of letting it fall. Usually it means hours on a salon chair or maybe you already spent hours searching through articles and videos looking for some inspiration. Searching for the perfect hairstyle for a special event? Got inspired by your favorite celebrities like JLO or Beyoncé? An updo in Beverly Hills, CA can be worn in any setting like the office and till late hours in the club. There’s an updo look from ballet buns to wedding worthy chignons for short hair to chic braids for all hair types! Long Hair - Long hair can ultimately result in long hours on the salon chair, but it’s no struggle for our professional stylists. The more hair to work with, the more hairstyles you can choose from. Short Hair - Having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t create a stylish and elegant updo in Beverly Hills, CA. Our stylist can transform any variety of hair length into a fashionable updo, all you need is some inspiration! Short hair will not limit styling ideas. Whether you’re heading to prom, a special occasion, your wedding or just a night out, there are many styles that are ideal for all occasions. No matter the hair length, we’ll try to work with you to recreate a style best fit for you. When you’re on our salon chair, you have our complete attention. We love nothing more than getting to know you and fall in love with our artistry. Our stylists have experience at a range of levels, and we invite you to choose the one that’s right for you.

For ALL Hair Types

The natural curly hair life can be a bit draining at times, and sometimes those curls can be time consuming. Our professionals will work wonders with your curls when you don’t have time. There are plenty of updos in Beverly Hills, CA that are easy to pull together, and allow you to give off your best self vibes.

Updo Hairstyle For Every Occasion

Sometimes, our hair becomes a uniform and we wear it the same way every day. If you suffer from a style rut, an updo in Beverly Hills, CA can transform your look in many ways. Switch it up from wearing it down or that occasional low ponytail. Some believe that updos in Beverly Hills, CA aren’t the easiest or quickest of hairstyle. That’s a misconception – updo hairstyles come in a vast collection of styles and techniques. Yes, you can very much recreate a five-minute look whether you’re getting ready at your home or at the office desk. Our professional stylists can take that up a notch to create eccentric styles for any occasion. There's no hair discrimination, either. We have options for long, short and medium length hair, curly, wavy or straight.


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