Summer Hair in Beverly Hills, CA

What’s Popping for Summer Hair in Beverly Hills?

Summer hair is always the rage when it’s hot outside, but what trends do people follow that make summer hair so beautiful? At Bomane, we aim to please our customers by giving you a luxurious experience, hidden within the hills of California. Combining funky art with elegant chrome accents, our hair care is an experience, surrounding you with retro signs, glittering roses, and lush flowers to make you feel like you found a hidden gem when you want summer hair in Beverly Hills, CA.

Beachy waves, long locks, and sun-kissed skin is how we all live here in the summer. Whether you’re a local looking for a change in style or a tourist wanting an authentic Beverly Hills experience, we can give that and more through our professional hair care salon.

Adding a Highlight - Highlights have become an increasing trend over the past few years. Highlights bring light into your hair by incorporating lighter shades of your natural hair color into your summer hair in Beverly Hills, CA. We offer multiple styles of highlights to help you blend in with the local vibe.

Loose Wave Extensions - Whether heated, weaved, or taped-in, extensions are the key to long waves without waiting years for your hair to grow. Available in any color or style, loose wave extensions are how celebrities keep their locks in place and look fabulous while they do.

Go Blonde with Bleach - Blonde hair is in, and when you want that summer hair in Beverly Hills, CA, bleached hair can accentuate a sun-kissed complexion and make you look gorgeous. Blondes are in this summer, and we can make you go from brunette to blonde to give you that look you desire.

Long Bob Cuts - Another trend for summer hair in Beverly Hills, CA is the long bob cut, which leaves wavy hair accented by a straight cut at the edge of the hair. Easy to manage and maintain, long bob cuts maintain volume, sleekness, and allow you to get creative with your updo hairstyles. Bomane has seen summer hair in Beverly Hills, CA, and we’ll be able to achieve that long bob you desire with the most effective stylists in the neighborhood.

Summer Hair in Beverly Hills, CA

In this heat, it can feel exasperating getting dressed and doing your makeup, just to go outside and sweat it all out. At Bomane, we’re here to give you effortless beach waves and hair styles that look good even when you roll out of bed. There’s no time for complicated hairstyles when you just want to get up and go all summer long. Whether you’re a local or on vacation, we’ll give you an experience you won’t forget. Bomane has the rest beat when it comes to top-quality customer service and stunning results. At our salon, we focus on the emotional connection between client and stylist, specializing in personalized care that can only be described as a one of a kind experience.

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