Layers in Beverly Hills, CA

Layers: The Key to Gorgeous Locks

Layering is a technique that involves adding and cutting different lengths of hair to create texture and volume. Layering is especially useful for those who have thin hair and need a boost to their everyday look. Layers can frame the face, add body, and can vary in length depending on the look you want. At Bomane Salon, layers in Beverly Hills, CA are one of our favorite techniques to do for our clients, as a lot can be done once the layering process is complete. Layers in Beverly Hills, CA, has been a consistent trend that doesn't look like it's going to die out anytime soon. Here's what we offer for our clients:

Bobs and Pixie Layering – If you feel like your bob cut doesn't have the boost it needs to frame your face, then layering might fix that for you. When layering short hair, the variances in short hair create a new dimension to the hair that's usually not seen when stylist frame a cut for their clients. Pixies also have a lot more versatility than people would think, as the layers attract attention and create a stylish look overall.

Side Parted, and Middle Parted Layering – When people imagine layering, many times they imagine the middle parting to create even layers. However, layering is such a manipulable technique that it can also be done to the most out-there side-parted hairstyles. Side parted layering can create the most beautiful looks if done right, and at Bomane Salon, we always aim to do our layers in Beverly Hills, CA, right and to our client's needs.

Long Hair and Curly Hair Layering – For those with long or curly hair, layers in Beverly Hills, CA can add a dimension and volume usually not seen. For long hair, the power of layers can be most seen as each layer helps accent the face and can make your hair look like a masterpiece. For those who have exceptionally curly hair, layers can help tame the wild curls and enhance them, bringing back a healthy shine like no other.

Side Cuts and Colored Hair – If you decided you like having a side cut as part of your style, then why not add layers? Layers, whether shaggy or formal, can add immediate attention to your alternative look and make you shine wherever you go. If your hair has beautiful colors dyed in, then the layers in Beverly Hills, CA, will make those colors pop and enhance the movements of your strands, making your hair more dynamic wherever you go.

At our salon, we immerse our customers with the most luxurious decorations possible, adding our flair of style to our place of work. Enveloping you in the scents of rose and citrus, the gold sheen and white walls give our place a clean feel as we help you relax and unwind into the world of beauty and care. If you're looking for layers in Beverly Hills, CA, then stop by our place, or call us and schedule an appointment.

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