Hair Stylist in Beverly Hills, CA

Meet Some of Our Stylists at Bomane Salon!

When it comes to finding a hair stylist in Beverly Hills, CA, it can be a difficult task. We at Bomane Salon individually chose hair stylists that are passionate and knowledgeable about the beauty industry. With over 20 stylists under our belts, we have plenty of highly experienced hair stylists that know their stuff and can walk the walk. Here are some brief biographies about some of our best stylists at Bomane Salon.


Lorien Meillon – With cutting edge style and sass to boot, Lorien knew that when she was a little girl, she wanted to be in the beauty industry. After graduating from Euphoria Institute Of Beauty Arts and Science in Las Vegas, Lorien had the opportunity of a lifetime when she joined the Ken Paves Las Vegas team, honing in her cutting and coloring techniques through the Apprenticeship Program. After graduating from the program and working under Ken Paves Salon for eight years, we at Bomane Salon decided to take her craftsmanship and expertise under our wing.

Alysa Pace – Known for her color and extension transformations, Alysa is a hair stylist in Beverly Hills, CA unlike any other. With a deep understanding of color, Alysa earned her training in color from the Vidal Sassoon training program, a highly applicable and respectable cosmetology course from the Sassoon Academy. Her unique, laid back style in coloring comes from her times growing up along the beach, so she understands the Beverly Hills vibe.

Michael Brent – Michael's career first boomed when he became the assistant to the Global Beauty Adviser at Dior. Through Dior, he became exposed to the world of high fashion and beauty and fell in love. Working with a diverse array of stylists, he became a hair stylist in Beverly Hills, CA, when he worked for many salons and even expanded his careers to the city of Miami. Nowadays, he has claimed Bomane Salon as his home.

Marilyn Lizardo – With a name like Lizardo, you know she's one of a kind! Marilyn found her passion for beauty and style as a teen, and because she has the talent, she went through the strict and vigorous training program at Paul Mitchell School in Santa Barbara. After moving to Los Angeles five years later, she trained under the hair stylist in Beverly Hills, CA, Ramirez Tran Salon for over two years. Today, she keeps up with the trends of beauty and works with us at Bomane Salon.

Gabriel Mendoza - Now a hair stylist in Beverly Hills, CA, Gabriel began his passion for style and beauty at the age of 13, and despite criticisms, he went forth and moved to San Francisco. After working with the organization Dress for Success for a few years, his career made a leap when he moved to New York City to work under the famous hairstylist Jerome Obry at the John Barrett Salon. His passion for fashion and modeling led him to have close connections with those in the beauty industry, and eventually, he decided to go big with Beverly Hills and work with us at Bomane Salon.

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