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Hair coloring doesn’t always mean commitment. What if we told you there’s a way to experiment with new colors without compromising the integrity of your hair strands? There’s a secret that many beauty bloggers, gurus and hair lovers alike have discovered - HAIR GLOSS.

Hair Gloss 

Also known as semi-permanent color, comes in clear and tinted shades, all which add shine to your hair. Our salons offer quick glossing treatments, which are amazing for rebooting the vibrancy of your highlights or all-over color. A hair gloss in Beverly Hills, CA treatment can be effective at extending the life of your color and helps all hair types look and feel more beautiful. 

Hair gloss in Beverly Hills, CA actually comes in clear and tinted shades, all of which add shine. If you love your natural hair color, hair gloss in Beverly Hills, CA can amplify appearance and shine!

Length Of Time

Expect your full head of hair to be rich and shiny for the first few weeks, then naturally fade back to your original sheen over the course of four to six weeks. 

Hair Glossing Benefits For Colored Hair

  • Maintain color and improve results over time
  • Refresh faded lengths and ends
  • Deepen or darken color
  • Correct yellow and red tones that make hair look brassy
  • Add smoothness and shine 

Many are unaware of the chemistry that goes on in the salon. Your final color comes from the toning process. A toner session can take your hair color anywhere. On blondes, a cooler toner makes for better color delivery and warmer toners makes it look more like copper. 

Toner - A high pigment, low base color that is generally mixed alone with an activator of 5vol (1.5%) or lower. Hair stylists use the color wheel to determine what tone is necessary for your toner service needs. Our stylists will choose a toner in Beverly Hills, CA that is on the opposite side of the color wheel, away from the unwanted tone. Usually, a toner is used to neutralize hair color. Toner in Beverly Hills, CA is most often used with highlighting and bleaching services, to ensure the final look and results are perfect! 

It’s Not Just For Blondes

Toners are not just used for achieving blonde shades, but are also a must for redheads and brunettes! Depending on your hair type, toner can last between 2-6 weeks. 

Why Did Your Stylist Recommend A Toner Instead Of A Gloss? 

A toner was most likely suggested to either maintain the tones in the hair you love, or to adjust warm and cool tones. 

Toners in Beverly Hills, CA can also be used to add shine, and increase the softness of your hair, or reduce the appearance of split ends. A toner in Beverly Hills, CA can add life back to hair that looks dull, and make the existing color more vibrant. 

Benefits Of Using Toner

  • Refresh and enhance tone
  • Add dimension to hair color 
  • Eliminate discoloration 
  • Toners can strengthen hair by creating a protective barrier around hair strands

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