Full Highlights in Beverly Hills

A Guide to Highlights

Traditional highlights can be obviously seen as they lighten parts of the hair with a lighter shade of your natural hair color. They start at the roots and work their way down to the end of your hair, giving depth and transition to your hair color.

However, there are multiple ways that highlights can be achieved without going the traditional route. Highlights depend on multiple factors for hair, including the condition the hair is in, the natural color of the hair, and the length and style the hair. Luckily, our stylists at Bomane have an excellent understanding of how to achieve the perfect highlight. Full highlights in Beverly Hills, CA can be done anywhere, but at Bomane, we aim to do it right. Other highlight options we offer include: 

Babylights - Like traditional highlights but less noticeable, baby lights are the perfect way to make your hair look sun-kissed without giving your secret away. Babylights give a glow that you don’t normally find with full highlights in Beverly Hills, CA. 

Ombré - Ombrés are gradient transitions between your natural hair color and your desired hair color, which can either be a color dye such as pink, blue, or red, or a shadow shade of your natural hair color. Ombrés tend to be a popular choice for the way they help shape the face.

Sombré - Sombrés is a modern combination of techniques, using more subtle highlighting with an ombre to create darker shades at the root and lighter shades at the ends. Typically using shades that don’t provide too much of a contrast from your natural hair color, Sombrés add a different dimension to full highlights in Beverly Hills, CA, that aren’t normally used, and will certainly make your hair look fabulous.

Balayage - Like Ombrés, a balayage uses a freehand technique to create the gradient look instead of sectioning. The purpose of a balayage is to make the highlight look seamless so it blends the highlight together with your natural hair. It’s about seamless blending instead of contrast; usually, full highlights in Beverly Hills, CA tend to take on a starker framing for a person’s complexion. 

Foilayage - Foilyage refers more to the technique of the hair than the style itself. Foilyage is when the pieces of hair are placed into foils, giving a lift in color unlike a normal balayage. Because the foil gets wrapped in hair, it allows the hair to get lighter, giving this technique an alternative look. 

Where Can I Get Full Highlights in Beverly Hills, CA? 

At Bomane, our stylists will be able to discuss your needs for full highlights and aim to make every visit a comfortable one. With positive energy flowing through our Salon, we hope every hairstyle we give makes you feel that Hollywood glam you’ve always dreamed of. Our stylists specialize in full highlights in Beverly Hills, CA, so you can be sure that whatever style you desire, we’ll be able to achieve it and more. Come in, take a seat, and let us take care of you at Bomane in Beverly Hills. 

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