Extensions in Beverly Hills, CA

Hair Extension Methods and What We Use

Hair extensions in Beverly Hills, CA, can be the most fantastic experience you've ever had, or your worst nightmare depending on what method your stylist uses. If you're tired of using clip ins to gain long locks, then here at Bomane Salon we work towards using long-lasting solutions for long hair. Our stylists are trained and certified in hair extensions in Beverly Hills, CA, so you don't have to worry about the overall results of your extensions for a long time. Here, we'll outline some of the methods we use to create lasting results for long hair.

Keratin Bond – Keratin fused or hot bonded is a method of extensions where the hair extensions are attached through the binding of heat. Keratin glue is used to be heated and mended into the hair but is left with enough room for your natural hair to flow and grow. We recommend this method for those with coarse, thick hair, as extensions can wear down over time and weigh down the hair. With this method, our extensions last up to six months. Hot fusion extensions in Beverly Hills, CA, is a kind of technique that required an immense amount of skill and expertise in the beauty industry, all of which our stylists have.

Cold Fusion – Cold fusion or micro linking involves using small beads or locks to clip and attach itself to the hair, lessening the risk of hair damage and allows the hair extensions in Beverly Hills, CA to be reused. However, if not done right, the beads can be highly noticeable, which is why we recommend this method for those with thick, coarse hair as opposed to thin, fine hair. With cold fusion, no heat or glue adhesive is required, giving your hair the freedom it needs to flow.

Braided In – As a highly popular choice among our customers, the extensions are weaved into the roots of the hair using a braiding technique. This method is suitable for any hair and doesn't require any glue or clips to be kept in. This method, however, is the most temporary out of our list of methods, lasting for up to a few weeks until the extensions begin to waver and fall out of the hair. For this method of extensions in Beverly Hills, CA, we recommend regular washings and the usual maintenance.

At Bomane Salon, highly professional expertise is our passion. We at Beverly Hills delight in the luxuries and glamour of our city and hope to provide the most satisfactory results in our services. Extensions in Beverly Hills, CA, can be tough, especially when it’s challenging to find the right stylist with the right tools to get what you need. At Bomane Salon, you can bask in the scents of citrus and roses, relax and unwind, and know that you are in good hands. If you're interested, call and schedule an appointment today to get your extensions done.