Color Correction in Beverly Hills


Color correction involves a completely different set of criteria unlike highlights and single color treatments. As the most intensive and knowledge-based procedure that stylists can provide, color correction in Beverly Hills, CA involves a deep understanding of how colors work, similar to the way makeup artists apply corrective colors before their base foundation for a more smooth, professional makeup look. In makeup, peach creams are applied to purple under eyes to make the under eye look more fresh and awake, while green cremes can cover redness in the creases of the face to help even tone and complexion. For hairstylists, that same process applies, except using components such as demi-permanent dyes and volume toners.

Color correction in Beverly Hills, CA is based on the color wheel, where complementary colors help to cancel each other out and analogous colors help blend and create transition through the hair. Depending on the tone and texture of your hair, the treatments that you’ve applied play a role in how the results will look, especially products previously used and how they were used (such as boxed dyes). When color correcting your hair, it’s essential to trust your stylist; they’ll be able to apply the right products and help you keep a healthy, even-toned hairstyle.

Color Correction in Beverly Hills, CA, Can:

  • Fix blotches from home hair color treatment or unprofessional stylist care
  • Remove unwanted hues from previous color treatments
  • Help restore your hair’s health
  • Make blonde less brassy
  • Fix or create subtle tone shifts in color
  • Lighten or darken your hair
  • Return your color to its natural shade

Before doing any color correction, ask your stylist about rehydrating and conditioning your hair before making the next move. Color correction, even when handled by a professional stylist, can end up damaged due to the intensive process that color correction tends to be. If you’ve recently dyed or bleached your hair, giving it time to heal using serums and leave-in conditioners can have better, long-lasting results to help prepare you for your next visit. Our stylists at Bomane Salon understand this, and no matter how damaged or blotchy your hair is, we’ll be able to help heal and fix it with our years of professional knowledge and expertise.


Depending on the condition of your hair, color correction in Beverly Hills, CA could take multiple visits. However, our stylists at Bomane Salon can help you fix your hair color to your desired tone and help restore your hair health in no time. Our services for color correction in Beverly Hills, CA offer professional consultations on hair, allowing you to get the advice you need to restore your hair back to health and correct your hair color to the tone you desire. If your hair is more than a bad hair day, then our stylists at Bomane Salon will treat you with the best color correctors available today. We use the best, deep color-safe conditioners for the most luxurious, relaxing experience. If you have any questions, contact us today to schedule your consultation. We’re ready to help you restore health and beautiful back into your hair.

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