Celebrity Hair in Beverly Hills

Ever been star-struck by a celebrity’s hairstyle or want to take inspirational cues from their pictures and bring them along to your next visit to the salon? At Bomane, celebrity hair is all the rage. Although there are tons of salons sprawled across the Beverly Hills city, not all offer you the haircuts that would be “fit for a celebrity”. At Bomane, we understand that individuality is everything and that’s how we devote ourselves to giving you the look you’re most happy with. But it’s not just client satisfaction but also education we aim for, where we give our clients insightful advice about the ideal haircut for their face shape and personality. Whether it’s a long layered haircut, blunt bobs, pixie cuts, balayage hair color or highlights, our experts at Bomane in Beverly Hills, CA have what it takes to ensure you get what you had in mind.

Here are some tips to getting your hair feel luscious and spectacular and make every day a good hair day just like your favorite celebrities:

  • The most first and foremost step is keeping your hair clean, by making sure your hair does not have any dirt residue left at the end of the day.
  • Conditioner is your best friend; it helps keep your hair soft and smooth by moisturizing and replenishing it.
  • Keep heating & styling products on an all-time low on regular days to avoid any potential damage, no matter how desirable it may seem. Yes, make that sacrifice! If that seems unlikely keep the heat to a minimum and yes don’t forget heat protection spray.
  • Don’t over shampoo your hair, yes you heard us right, the oil that’s produced by your shafts is good. Shampooing three times a week is more than enough.
  • Long hair is femininely fabulous although has a tendency to become a tangled mess. Make sure you braid it while going to sleep and also a silk pillow cover can do wonders to get you to picture-perfect celebrity hair.

Why choose Bomane for celebrity hair services?

Our experts in Beverly Hills stay up-to-date with the latest looks in order to recommend the ones that fit your face shape and hair texture perfectly. It’s necessary to remember that not all is lost if the celebrity you’re star-struck on does not have the haircut that suits you. No need to fret, our experts can figure out ways to get you a look that is closer to the one you desire. At Bomane, we pride ourselves in personalized and customized care that surpasses all others.
Get that picture-perfect inspiration of your favorite celebrity and walk out of the Bomane salon looking as fabulous as ever!

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Celebrity Hair