Braids in Beverly Hills, CA

At Bomane Salon, we focus on taking care of our customers. That means that we also focus on braids, some of the purest forms of hair styling can be made into extravagant pieces of art. If you're planning for a big celebration, want to look gorgeous for a day, or want to change things up, we offer braids styles like no other.
braids in beverly hills ca

Cornrows/Box Braids – Through parting tiny, triangle-shaped sections, our stylists focus on interweaving from the roots to the very ends so you can have an authentic look. Box braids and cornrows have been a part of the African American tradition for over thousands of years and are deeply rooted in culture. At Bomane Salon, we believe that all hair is beautiful, and we hope to treat our clients with the best possible service for braids in Beverly Hills, CA.

Dutch and Fishtail Braids – Dutch and Fishtails usually are what people imagine when it comes to advanced techniques for braids in Beverly Hills, CA. We focus on improving your long strands to encompass the look you desire, making our dutch and fishtail braids natural waviness to give off the illusion of thickness.

Braided Buns and Bobs – If you have short hair, then it's no problem at all because our stylists can adapt to all kinds of hair. Braided bobs have become a recent trend over the past few years for their unique look, and buns offer a versatility that's easy to manage and can help keep your hair off your head on those dry, hot days, especially when you have braids in Beverly Hills.

Bubble Braids and Side Braids – Bubble braids have most recently hit the scene for its playful appearance and easy to manage style. Side braids, especially for those who have crew cuts and side bangs, allow them to have braids in Beverly Hills, CA that are sleek and stylish.

Half-Up, Half-Down, and Pull-Through Braids – If you're looking for low maintenance braids that you can easily take down whenever you please, then a half-up, half-down braid style may be the perfect fit for you. Pull through braids in Beverly Hills, CA, also offer a lack of maintenance because of its ability to easily be slipped through a hair tie and be undone within a few seconds. If you wish to learn this kind of style, then this will work for you.

At Bomane Salon, we focus on giving our customers a relaxing getaway experience by infusing our salon with the scents of rose and lavender. With a pastel, artsy feel to our atmosphere, we hope to give our customers a luxurious experience. Our stylists have an insurmountable amount of experience caring for our customers. By paying attention to what our customers want, we hope to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. So, if you're looking for braids in Beverly Hills, CA, then give us a call and schedule an appointment at one of the finest salons in the Beverly Hills area.

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