Blowout in Beverly Hills, CA

Secrets to The Perfect Blowout Revealed

If your hair feels flat and lifeless, then a blowout is what you need to bring volume and lusciousness back to your roots. Blowouts involve a series of steps that recommend excellent hair care and styling tips. Here at Bomane Salon, we focus on giving our clients a blowout in Beverly Hills, CA that's sure to turn heads, and through our step by step process, we'll reveal how we give our clients the best blowout ever.


Step 1: The Perfect Shampoo and Conditioner

When it comes to blowouts, the products you use matter, especially if your hair doesn't usually have volume. Voluminous hair products and conditioner set to maximize volume while cleansing and moisturizing the hair. Our products consist of high-quality ingredients from natural sources, which don't include sulfates or other harmful chemicals that can damage the hair over time. For a boost of volume, we only choose the best.

Step 2: Styling Products for Protection and Thickening

After soothing your senses with a delicate wash and towel drying your hair, we add styling serums and let the serums soak into your hair so you can feel revitalized and renew any lost moisture in your hair. We aim to infuse our client's hair with the most voluminous products for the most successful blowout in Beverly Hills, CA.

Step 3: The Blow drying Process

After infusing your hair with the proper serums and sprays, the main event comes when we blow dry your hair. By working in sections with bristle round brushes, we evenly dry your hair with consistency in mind. From root to tip, we dry your hair until it's completely soft and warm, and then cool down your hair to help the blowout in Beverly Hills, CA, settle into place.

Step 4: Sheer Hairspray and Voila!

Once we complete the blowout in Beverly Hills, CA, we then add our volume hairspray to finish the final touches and thus give you the perfect blowout look. Our blowout tends to last over a week as the products we use help to keep the volume in place. No matter the weather, your hair will look gorgeous wherever you go.

At Bomane Salon, we give our clients the most luxurious, glamorous experience by infusing our atmosphere with scents such as rose, citrus, and mint to clear the mind and soothe the soul. When it comes to a blowout in Beverly Hills, CA, we only focus on giving our customers the best experience we can provide them. Decorating our salon with hints of gold, pink, and white, we lighten the moods and help our customers feel comfortable as they bask in the services we give them. If you're interested in getting a blowout in Beverly Hills, CA, then call and schedule an appointment with us today.

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