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We all long for those lustrous locks, but do really little for the same. As much as consistent hair care at home is always a good idea, a quick visit to a Salon, just to pamper them a bit would always boost its texture, health and life. Our Salon at Beverly Hills has some of the most gorgeous treatments to get rid of that dry, frizzy and unruly hair.

We are at your service and would love to help you to keep your gorgeous hair intact. We at Bomane specialize in all sorts of treatments- be it hair color, hair nourishing spa treatments, dandruff reducing treatments, hair care after re-bonding, coloring and so much more.

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 Not to forget, we are absolutely loved for our- on the go blow dry and quick hair makeovers!

Our testament for being one of the most loved places to do your hair and all things nice are the happy clients we have. Until, we see you next time at Bomane Salon in Beverly Hills, do follow these simple tips for your hair:

Here are some hair care tips by our professionals at Bomane:

  • Do not over do with brushing or combing your hair.
  • Keep hair clean, but see to it that you are not washing your hair so much, that it lacks luster and starts to look dull. Hair wash with a mild shampoo, thrice a week is good enough.
  • Never forget to use conditioner after a hair wash.
  • Apply a serum to smoothen your washed hair so that it is well prepped before you blow dry it. 

Healthy hair is always the most beautiful, and to have that, do book your appointment with us at Bomane. We are the best in town and we don’t say that lightly.

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